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January 04, 2019 1 min read

Jonathan Nathaniel Went Hunting With Odd Gun

Are you ready for a crazy hunting story?   You'll love this incredible feat from TLO Outdoors Fan, Jonathan Nathaniel.   He recently became a new Dad with the birth of his son (Congratulations!) so he wasn't allowed to travel very far for his normal hunts.  He still made the most of the opportunity he had by taking these two amazing animals.

The crazy part of the story is the weapon of choice.   These beauties were not harvested with a typical hunting rifle.  Instead, Jonathan used his trusted Smith and Wesson S&W 460 handgun.

This beautiful picture says it all.   What a great gun, what a great shot, and what an amazing opportunity.

Jonathan originally shared this picture and his story on TLO Outdoors' "Fan Pics" Facebook Group.   Join the group to share your own pics and see many more. 

Sam Collinsworth
Sam Collinsworth

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