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Outdoorsman and hunter, Jonathan Nathaniel, shows off his successful hunting trip where he harvested two trophies with his Smith & Wesson S&W 460 handgun.

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This Georgia fisherman recently caught a redfish that was tagged by DNR.

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Perhaps I sound like an old fart here, but let's face it ... kids spend a lot of time on electronics, video games, and phones these days.   As a kid, I played my share of video games and watched hours of TV but I also spent countless hours fishing, hunting, and playing outside. That's why I love these pictures sent by these three young men.   Who wouldn't agree that a day like this beats a round of FortNite any day?    Way to nail the bass, guys!   Here's to more days on the water. Credits to:Wyatt (@wyattpazdro09)Joe (@tessone16)Trey (@treybudach)  ...

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