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DeSantis Gunhide


DeSantis Variable GRD Hellcat Ambidextrous Black (194BJ9PZ0)

DeSantis Variable GRD Hellcat Ambidextrous Black (194BJ9PZ0)

Today the world can go from normal day in day out grind to you need to have a little more on your side to make sure you and your family can make it out safely. DeSantis lets you carry that adult comfort blanket concealed so that if you ever need it, it will be there for you. The Variable GRD is made to hold your firearm securely but allow you a quick smooth draw and has reinforced mouth (top section), on both sides for easy one handed return. It is ambidextrous and adjustable for height and cant with the 1.5" belt loops. The Variable GRD also features the GRD (Gunhide Retaining Device) which not only helps retain the weapon with an audible click but helps secure it from a rear takeaway attempt.

The first DeSantis holster was made at a kitchen table over 40 years ago. From that humble beginning DeSantis has grown into a global enterprise and is used by elite U.S. Law Enforcement and the military. Made with the latest technology and built by skilled craftsman at their plant in the US and still owned by the DeSantis family to ensure their name only goes on the best holsters that can be produce.

NOTE: Holster images are representative of the model only. Always refer to the item description for correct hand, finish, color and gun fitment.

DeSantis Variable GRD Specifications and Features:

  • DeSantis 194BJ9PZ0

  • Ambidextrous

  • Belt Slide

  • Belts up to 1.5"

  • Leather

  • Black

  • Made in American


  • Springfield Hellcat; Hellcat OSP