KleenBore Dual-Kleen Kit 9mm (KDS-9)

Introducing the KleenBore Dual Cleaning System, a truly compact and handy kit that includes our famous KleenBore rigid black cleaning rods along with the Kwik-Kleen One Pull Through Rope Cleaner. Whether you’re in the field or at home at your bench, the KleenBore Dual-Kleen kit has you covered. Excellent for range bags!

Features and Specifications:
Rigid Black Steel Cleaning Rods 6.5" Length with Swivel Handle
Rod Extension
Kwik-Kleen One Pull Through Rope Cleaner
Muzzle Guard
Black Steel Patch Holder
Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush .38/.357/9mm
Precision Barbed Point Jag .38/.357/9mm
Cotton Flannel Cleaning Patches
Double End Nylon Utility Brush