Kleen Br Univ Hg/rfl/sg Cln Kit

The forerunner of the multi-use cleaning kit makes this one of Kleen-Bores most popular kits. Universal Kit allows users the ability to clean an array of firearms from .22 Cal. - 12 GA.

Features :
  • ,KleenBore Rigid Black Steel Rods, 30" Length with Swivel Handle,
  • Rod Accessory Adaptor to accept #8-32 Threads
  • Double End Nylon Bristle Gun Brush
  • Black Steel Patch Holder
  • Aluminum Shotgun Adaptor
  • Slotted Shotgun Patch Holder
  • Muzzle Guard
  • 2 oz. BreakFree ™ CLP
  • Silicone Cloth