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Raven Concealment Systems


Raven Concealment Perun For Gen 3/4 Glock Gen 3/4 TLR1HL (PXG9TLR1HL3/4)

Raven Concealment Perun For Gen 3/4 Glock Gen 3/4 TLR1HL (PXG9TLR1HL3/4)

One of the most advanced holsters on the market the Raven Concealment Perun holster has some of the most innovative design features of any holster available on the market today. Designed to sit very high on belt and close to the body this holster maximizes concealment while keeping an effortless draw. The body shell is made from a proprietary high strength polymer that is molded to fit the firearm as closely as possible lending to its sleek low profile. This holster in addition to being light bearing also accommodates most slide mounted red-dot optics such as the Aimpoint T-1 and Trijicon RMR. Unique to Raven concealment this holster features a retention slider allowing you to adjust the retention easily while ensuring it does not back out keeping your draw and reholster consistent. Altogether one of the best thought out and designed holsters on the market today the Raven Concealment Perun is the perfect nexus between design and execution.

Specifications and features

  • Raven Concealment: PXG9TLR1HL3/4

  • Ambidextrous Outside The Waist Band Design

  • Constructed From Proprietary Polymer Blend

  • Belt Mounted Holster

  • Adjustable Cant

  • Fits: Glock Gen 3/4 19/17/34 With TLR1HL

  • Slide Adjustable Retention

  • Accepts 1.5 Inch Belts

  • Optics Compatible

  • Color: Black