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TLO Tactical Backpack Bundle - TacPack Backpack Filled with TLO Gear

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TLO Outdoors' Tactical Backpack Bundle is the PREMIER bundle and gift for your favorite outdoorsman.  Start with our TacPack12 or TacPack24 Tactical Backpacks, complete with MOLLE system, hydration pouch, adjustable straps, and numerous pouches and compartments.    The TacPack12 features 24L of storage and our TacPack24 features a massive 40L of storage.

Then, the absolute best part of this bundle is what you find inside when you open the bag.  Imagine presenting this as a gift.  You are already excited about having the best tactical backpack, but then you open the pack to find our popular 3-piece bundle of TLO accessories.

Included in the 3-Piece Bundle is:

RETAIL VALUE:  $159 - $169

How to order

  • Choose your preferred gun sling color
  • Choose between the TacPack12 or the TacPack24 (and choose your color, between our Olive Green/Tan and our Black)

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