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Beau Jensen Shoots Long-Awaited Buck

Iowan Beau Jensen had been watching this buck for three seasons, and has sheds from two. “Last year I passed him when he was 4½ years old and about 170 inches,” Jensen says. “This year he just exploded. I sat for him a few times before the rut with no luck. But on the morning of November 4th, he came by me at about 80 yards and downwind, but because of rising thermals he didn’t smell me.” So Jensen got out of his stand and moved to different set about 200 yards away. But before he started hunting, he took the stand out of the tree it was in and re-hung it on the downwind side of the same trail he’d seen the buck walking that morning. “Just after 3 p.m., the deer came back and gave me an 18-yard shot.” - VIA Field and Stream. This was definitely a story and a buck we had to feature. This is content that we strive to feature in our TLO Fan Pics group and within our TLO Community. I encourage all of you to join and participate and sharing photos of your monster bass or personal best buck! Beau Jensen Finally Shoots Dream Buck