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Buck at First Sight

We originally thought that T.J. Larson killed this giant Wisconsin buck at the beginning of November, but we just learned that is was actually October 29, so we are calling it close enough. Larson first got trail-cam pictures of the buck two years ago, but he’d never seen him from a stand—until the day he tagged him. “I sat all morning and then moved to a stand closer to a bedding area that afternoon,” Larson says. “Around 4:15 I saw movement about 80 yards to my right and instantly knew it was a shooter. He stopped at about 15 yards away but in a spot with no shooting. I was shaking so bad from the excitement I could barely pull my bow back, but the buck eventually turned to my left and walked into a lane. He ran about 60 yards at the shot, and then tipped over. Just to see a deer that size is a miracle, and somehow the first time I put eyes on him when hunting, I shot him at only 15 yards away.” -VIA Field and Stream. This is an awesome story that ended up in an awesome buck. We love to see your outdoors photos! Join our TLO Fan Pics group and our TLO Community for more outdoor content. 

T.J. Larson Shoots Stud Buck