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Cancer Survivor Catches Bass

We have a very heart-warming story for you all! Bob Norton recent;y shared this story regarding his son.

"My son is a two-time cancer survivor which left him vision impaired. He has no depth perception so he can't see huge distances well or walk well on rough ground.

But this does not stop his love of fishing. He fought cancer from 13 months until his sixth birthday. He doesn't let it slow him down. He is 16 now and though he needs some assistance at times, I wouldn't trade him as fishing partner for anyone. Whether it's a bluegill, crappie, catfish, bass or carp, each catch is like his first.

This year he caught his personal best bass of over 5 pounds. The smile never left his face for weeks. He amazes me when I think of his battles but yet how his love of fishing keeps him focused and laughing."

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Cancer Survivor Catches Bass