Cancer Survivor Snatched a Deer

Cancer Survivor Went on a Heartfelt Hunting Trip

cancer survivor goes deer hunting 

    Recently, Greg Osenbaugh shared a very touching story in our Facebook TLO Fan Pics group. Greg was diagnosed with advanced esophagus and stomach cancer in early July of last year. His Grandkids Zachory and his wife Sarah were put in a group with him for late season archery hunting. Greg wasn't able to hunt the first weekend, but he did his chemo treatment that week. The next weekend after being drained with energy, he went ahead and took this little guy. It was his first archery deer as well.

      He said, "This is not my biggest deer. As a matter of fact, it is the smallest deer. But it was special to me. It was delicious and I actually felt like that was my most accomplished hunt. Just being able to go out was huge by itself." 

      This story is very touching. I am so glad you shared it with the group. This is a great story to show that you should never give up. Continue fighting your battles in life.