Ellie Collinsworth Catches Her First Fish - TLO Outdoors

Ellie Collinsworth Catches Her First Fish

Ellie Collinsworth, a tomboy in a sense, absolutely loves going fishing. Her older brother Sam takes her whenever he is able. Sam brings all of his siblings fishing on different days of the week if possible. He is hoping to pass down his love for fishing to his younger siblings. Just today, Ellie went fishing and caught her first fish! She had a nice rainbow trout on the line earlier, but was able to hook it. This time, she made sure to reel it in. 

Ellie is a great example of the TLO Outdoor brand. She enjoys spending every second possible in the outdoors. She goes even if there is not a rod to fish with. She was given the choice to go to the YMCA camp and go swimming, or fish with her older brother. She chose to go fishing and caught her very first fish. Hopefully there are many to come. We love first-catch stories! Share them in our TLO Fan Pics group today!

Ellie Is Spooked Out, but Loves her First Fish