How to Use the TLO Outdoors

How to Use the TLO Outdoors "TrophyTracker" Trail Cam Card Viewer for iPhone/Android

Using the TrophyTracker Trail Cam Card Reader

Thanks so much for your interest in TLO Outdoor's TrophyTracker Trail Cam SD Card viewer for iPhone (iOS), Android (MicroUSB) and Computers (USB).   There are three different plug connectors on the TrophyTracker.  Yes, THREE ... one of them is concealed.

  1. One side has the lightning connector (for iOS devices)
  2. The other side has a full size USB connector (for computers, USB)
  3. Embedded INSIDE the full size USB is the MicroUSB connector for Android phones.   This connector slides out from the inside of the main USB connector and retracts back when you are finished.   Use a small pen tip or your fingernail to slide it out.


iOS - iPhone, iOS, iPad, etc:

The TrophyTracker is compatible with all iOS devices that use a lightning connector.   The lightning connector is the small connector on one side of the device.   In addition, there is a lightning extension adapter that is in the case which can be attached to the tracker for devices that have a thicker case.

The TrophyTracker requires the free i-FlashDevice app available on Apple's app store.

Android Devices with MicroUSB:

The TrophyTracker is compatible with Android devices that have a MicroUSB plug.  Please note, some newer Android devices, including newer Samsung tablets, do not utilize MicroUSB.   The TrophyTracker will not work in this case unless you get an additional MicroUSB adapter (found online).   The MicroUSB adapter is often overlooked, as it's embedded inside the main USB plug.   On the main USB plug, there is a small indention where, with your fingernail or pen tip, you slide out the embedded MicroUSB plug which then can be retracted back inside the USB plug with a gentle nudge.

To view your card on Android devices with MicroUSB, no app is required.  Simply use an Android-based file manager (the default file manager that comes with Android operating system is fine) to view your pictures.

How to utilize the MicroUSB for Android:


Computers with USB:

The TrophyTracker can plug into any computer or device with a regular USB connector.   No app is required, as it will be seen as an external storage device.


Sample Video using iPhone: