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Member of Hunting Club Shoots Monster Buck

 Recently, a member of the TLO Outdoors family shared an awesome hunt he went on. He has been in this hunting club for quite awhile and to this day, hasn't harvested a bigger buck than is shown in the picture.  I talked with Corey and asked for him to tell us the entire story. Here's what he had to say.

"My family has hunted the same hunting club since the mid 1970s, the club officially reformed in 1982. When I was 5, shot my first buck on the property located just outside Cranberry Lake N.Y. at the age of 16. This year I only saw 6 deer on the property but 4 were bucks. On the morning of November 10, I said I was going to kill a nice buck as I hadn't killed one since 2012, being a small 5 point at camp. Everybody laughed. Waiting to start our first drive of the day was explaining to a good family friend which direction to walk threw the drive. As he checked his cell phone compass, not sure I knew south was our direction, he confirmed south. As he put his phone away he said "Corey!, deer right there." I looked over and 25 yards was this nice 6 point hugging the ground and running to get away. My reply "Buck shoot it"! I shot and up to full stance and a full run he came. He ran directly towards us till about 5 yards then realized we were standing there took 1 more bound and hit the dirt. He is the biggest buck I have killed on the hunting club and this memory will never be forgotten. The smaller 6 point was my girlfriends first buck killed the day before on 11/09/2018 weight of 142#'s. Was proud of her and my buck, thank TLO!"

Buck Hanging from the Tree

This was an awesome story. He shared it on our TLO Fan Pics FB group, I'd love for you all to join! Thanks for sharing Corey and I look forward to following more hunting adventures you take.Corey Enjoying the Buck