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Stacy's First Georgia Turkey

Love these "first time" turkeys.   Congrats to Stacy Wilson for harvesting her first turkey this Spring 2018.   Her fiancee', Brad Walker, shared this great story:

Stacy and I went to the club this past weekend for some mid day hunting to try and get a lone gobbler to come in without the distractions of early morning hen breeding and it worked perfectly. I had seen this bird a few times over the past month at random times crossing a section of our club road so I set up my Killer B w/Jake fan decoy and a hen decoy in the road. We set up just off it in pines and did some light clucks and purrs. After about an hour he came strutting down the road to fight the intruder but Stacy was having none of it and shot him at 25 yards. She was so excited as she has had a close call this year on another bird and last season as well.

Amazing bird.  Many congrats to you both!   Follow Stacy and Brad on Instagram:

Stacy Wilson with first Turkey in Georgia 

Stacy Wilson and Brad Walker with first turkey in Georgia

Photo credit:  @josh_guest_