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What's Better than BIG BASS, Norman Crank Baits, and PBR?

Does it get any better than this?  A day on the water, a big ole' largemouth bass ... and well, the PBR is in apparel only ... but HEY ... we call that a good day.

Curtis Marr from "Hiking 4 The Soul" shares this fantastic recount of the catch:

Small public lake in my hometown of Holts Summit, Mo.  The weather has been unseasonably cold for April, so when I stopped for the brief half hour my goal was to make a few casts to try out the new line had just gotten.  My go to lure for this time of year has always been the Norman crank baits with medium diving action 6 to 10 feet diving depth.  My first cast was a bit further than anticipated landing on the bank.  My second cast dialed in directly in front of the weed line.  No more than two cranks of the reel when the water erupted like a scene from the Discovery Channels Shark Week.  Not knowing the size of the monster I assumed it was just a fiesty 2 lb'r that's the norm in this lake.  A solid fight ensued with me finessing the rod and reel just to play a little more, still thinking it was a smaller fella.  Once I got the fish within arm distance I damn near dropped my pole.  The sheer site of this fish had me shocked, stunned and unsure how this happened.  Quickly I grabbed the bottom lip and pulled the fish out of the water only to be more surprised.  This fish could have swallowed my entire fist and I dont have dainty sized hands by no means.  Quickly I video chatted my best friend so I had actual proof he seen it, snapped this pic and released ole nessy to be caught another day.   Gotta love Missouri fishing!! 

Curtis Marr with huge largemouth bass caught with Norman Crank Bait